Monday, January 21, 2008

Castle in Germany

Near Baumholder is this castle. It is being restored by the state government and they seem to be doing a morvelous job.

The castle is Burg Lichtenberg.
Burg = fortified castle.
Lichten = treeless.
berg = hill. (Thanks, Judy)

This imposing structure seems to have an interesting set of defensive holes good for shooting arrows out while leaving the smallest profile for the shooter. And too small for anyone to get through.

Here is the moat. Notice it is just the space between an inner and outer wall. No water was run betwixt these walls. No, just a defensive position to kill off a few more maruaders before inviting them in for stew.

Here is the keep. It is the zone of last retreat. A stair or access platform is made of wood that can easily be withdrawn or burned to prevent the enemy from getting to you. A doorway on a 2nd or 3rd story is the only way in and out. So, you stay in the keep until help arrives. Keep plenty of pb&j on hand and some rasberry soda, maybe, it might have happened like that... Even so, it shows a mentality of conflict and preparations for war. Can one imagine how long it took to make these preparations for a future armed conflict? I think it would make a great B&B; great view, no traffic noise, good exercise; instead of it being a flat, its a tall...

This was an entryway into the castle. Note the cobblestone paving and the stone construction. Tremendous workmanship, I think.
One of the towers in an area converted to a restuarant. I don't know if all the touches on this structure are period, but what a beautiful and imposing structure.

I wasn't able to get an overall photo of this complex. It streaches along the hilltop in a long and narrow walled embattlement. It had areas for outdoor shops, stables, residences and stores. It is difficult without doing more reading how a structure like this defined the life and enconomy of the region. This complex now serves as a tourist site, a youth hostile and memories of a bygone era. I am sure it found uses throughout the ages. It is difficult to imagine it burned out and abandoned. The restoration effort is a testiment to the vision of the state to preserve a real jem of a monument to the past.

all for now... Mark

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Judy AKA "Spookannie" said...

The castle is Burg Lichtenberg.
Burg = fortified castle
Lichten = treeless
berg = hill

I'm glad you enjoyed the visit!